Your Options for Legal Representation During COVID-19

Covid-19 Virus

During these grim times, you may be unsure of where to turn for strong legal representation. Well, rest assured, Kode Law Firm is open for business while taking the pandemic seriously. We are following all the recommended precautions from federal, state, and local agencies to keep our clients safe while the world continues to fend off this novel virus. Choose us as your personal injury attorneys, as we’ll work hard to ensure your case has the best outcome.

To request your free, confidential consultation, please contact Kode Law online or call (206) 312-4320 today. We proudly represent clients across Washington State.

How Kode Law Is Protecting the Office and Clients

Kode Law is conveniently located on Mercer Island to meet the legal needs of our clients. When in the office, we follow strict handwashing, mask, and social distancing guidelines to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, there are no shared workspaces, and we disinfect all common areas every few hours. All client meetings are by appointment only, and everyone is screened with a questionnaire and a temperature check for symptoms of COVID-19.

Understandably, if you’re not comfortable meeting in person just yet, we’re also connecting with clients via phone, email, text, and virtual meetings. We take pride in our communication skills. We strive to constantly keep our clients updated about their cases and get back to them within 24 hours.

How Kode Law Is Handling New & Ongoing Cases During COVID-19

Kode Law is operating as per usual on our end, as we have always been an encrypted paperless office. Thus, even if there is a stay-at-home order, We are still working—just a little differently. For instance, we normally provide at-home consultations, but in light of social distancing protocols, we have been meeting people virtually or by phone.

However, please be aware—some agencies that we must contact on your behalf may be slower than usual to respond, such as hospitals, chiropractors, police stations, government offices, and insurance companies. Also, the courts are experiencing delays, as they are working hard to keep caseloads moving forward while developing brand-new protocols. This pandemic is all the more reason you need a law firm that is persistent, dependable, and experienced. We will keep your case moving forward!

If you have suffered a personal injury, choose Preet Kode to move your case forward while following all necessary COVID-19 safety precautions. Contact Kode Law online or call (206) 312-4320 today to get started.