It has been a very positive experience working with Kode Law Firm. My lawyer Preet Code was very professional and helpful. This was my first car accident and I wasn’t sure how to negotiate with the insurance companies. The insurance tried to downplay me because I didn’t know much about their policies. My father recommended Kode Law Firm. I had reached out to Preet to represent me and she took my case. She is one hell of a fierce advocate who will put your best interest first. She is extremely knowledgeable - because of her years of experience, she understands not only the law but how it is practically applied. She communicated extremely well and would update me with emails, and phone calls. She would check on me during my treatments to make sure I was getting the treatments I needed (I appreciate that). She knew how stressful it was, and did her best to make me whole again. She was very thorough and will listen to your concerns with undivided attention. Preet was able to get me the policy limits quickly. I would highly highly recommend her. Thank you!
— Nicma K.
Preet Kode is awesome! She communicated extremely well and I could always tell that she had thought through my case 10 steps ahead. She is organized, methodical, hard-working, and high-energy. She also isn't afraid of standing up for her clients. She worked hard to get me the best result possible. I had great confidence in her abilities through the whole process. She works quickly and is proactive in her approach. During a stressful and chaotic time, it brought me a lot of peace to have her on my side. I highly recommend her!
— Jonathan P.
Preet Kode was very professional and effective. She made the whole process very painless for me and responded very quickly to my questions and emails. I was impressed.
— Zoe W.
I am glad that I was represented by Preet Kode, she is an excellent person who knows how to handle your case. She listened to all my concerns, provided satisfactory answers, explained every single step and made the whole process easy. I would like to thank Preet and her team for their professional service. I already referred 2 of my friends to Kode Law. I will recommend them for anyone need to be represented by a professional and caring team.
— Abidullah A.
Preet Kode was amazing. She really had my best interest at heart and worked extremely hard for me. She was an amazing advocate! I would have been lost in my case. She took care of everything!! I’m so thankful I found her!
— Jennifer S.
Kode Law handled my case with professionalism and efficiency yet always maintained a high level of personal attention. I felt heard and respected, yet was never talked down to by the staff. More importantly, I truly felt they were working 100% in my best interest. I have their number in my contacts because, if ever needed, I will turn to them again and again. Thank you!!
— David R.
Working with Preet will be the best decision you make after an accident. She is a fierce advocate who will put your best interest first. She is able to explain the process clearly and will fight for you during the entire process. If you end up having to go to trial she is prepared and eager to get you the settlement you deserve. Do not hesitate, call her today!
— Emily H.
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