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If you’ve suffered a personal injury, you need confidence that you’ll get the help you need in a timely fashion. That means contacting a catastrophic injury attorney who can properly litigate your case. From dog bites to slip-and-fall injuries, Kode Law Firm, PLLC has the knowledgeable lawyers you need to help you claim the damages to which you’re entitled. Contact the ally you can trust to renew your confidence following an accident by calling us today.

Common Causes of Personal Injury Lawsuits

Personal injury cases can be litigated for a number of reasons. Common causes of personal injury lawsuits include:

  • Car accidents
  • Premise liability/slip and fall
  • Medical negligence
  • Dog bites & animal injuries
  • Dram shop laws
  • Intentional assault

It’s important for victims of personal injuries to understand the common causes of such lawsuits so they can obtain the proper attorney to litigate their case. Be sure to consult with your Kode Law attorney to understand your options and get the compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Damages You Can Claim

Typically, personal injury lawsuits contain three types of damages:

  • Hard Damages: These include things like lost wages, medical expenses, and equipment purchases (ex. crutches).
  • General Damages: Damages of this nature include pain, suffering, worrying, mental anguish, and other intangible damages.

Following a personal injury, it’s imperative that victims keep meticulous records of any medical attention received, medical expenses incurred, tax records, and pay stubs. Consult with your personal injury attorney to make sure you’ve gathered all materials that can affect the outcome of your case.

Washington State Law & Personal Injury Cases

Each state’s personal injury laws and statutes are unique, and Washington State is no different. Find answers to the following frequently asked questions regarding Washington State personal injury litigation:

What is the statute of limitations on injury lawsuits in Washington?

The statute of limitations in Washington is three years from the date of your accident or injury.

What is comparative fault in Washington?

Sometimes, the injured party in a personal injury case may be found to be partially at fault. Washington applies a “pure comparative negligence” rule, which reduces the amount of damages eligible for recovery proportional to the percentage of fault attributed to you.

What is strict liability in Washington?

In Washington State, dog owners are strictly liable for any accidents that occur. That means that regardless of the animal’s past behavior, the owner will be solely responsible for any personal injuries their dog has caused.

Are there damage caps in Washington for personal injury cases?

No. Washington State holds that damage caps in personal injury cases are unconstitutional.

What if my personal injury was caused by a government entity?

Victims of personal injury caused by governmental entities must submit a notice of claim to the state or municipality involved. Claims must be submitted within the statute of limitations and may not file a lawsuit until 60 days after the date the claim has been filed.

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