What You Shouldn’t Say to The Insurance Company

Woman on the phone next to her wrecked car

After an auto accident, contacting your insurance company to file a claim is typically one of the first steps that should be taken to ensure you get the compensation you deserve to help pay for any repair damages and related healthcare bills.

Before speaking to your insurance company, it's essential to understand that they will take any chance they have not to pay you the amount you deserve to be compensated for, so it's crucial that you take care of yourself and any needs you may have before reaching out. This includes seeking medical attention and speaking to a skilled car accident attorney. They will give you a more in-depth understanding of how you should be moving forward and the legal options you have.

Speaking With Insurance Companies

Anything you say to an insurance adjuster will be documented and thoroughly reviewed. Saying the wrong things to an insurance adjuster can significantly impact a decision on the status of your claim and compensation eligibility. Therefore, you must know what to avoid saying before you initially reach out. When speaking to an insurance adjuster, remember to never:

Admit Fault

Even if you think you may have been the cause of the collision, never admit fault. Several factors determine who is the at-fault driver of an auto accident, so it's also best to avoid saying anything that could be used as an admission of fault. It’s important to understand that this also includes refraining from giving out an apology or sharing extensive details on your perspective of the cause of the accident with the police.

Start a Sentence with "I think"

Whenever speaking to an insurance adjuster, only share information you know is 100% true. Otherwise, they may use what you share against you in your claim regardless of its validity.

Say That You Are Not Injured

Until you have been seen by a medical professional who has officially diagnosed you with related injuries, do not tell the insurance adjuster that you are not injured. Many injuries have latent symptoms, so if you share that you are not injured solely because you are not experiencing any injury signs, you can negatively impact the awarded compensation amount.

Admit to Not Having an Attorney

If an insurance company knows you are not working with an attorney, they will use that to try to take advantage of you. When insurance companies know that you have a lawyer on your side, they will treat your case with more respect and care.

Give Recorded Statements

Insurance companies use recorded statements to lure you into saying false or incorrect information that they can use against you. Unless your attorney has advised you to do so, never give the insurance adjustor a recorded statement.

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